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To join, create an account by going to the your account page of this website. If you have any quesitons please contact the market manager; Matt Bryan at (615) 804-2175 or matt@meadowbranchbeef.com. Once you have an account you will be notified each week of what is available and you will be able to place your orders. Payment in the form of check or cash will be due upon delivery.

About the Site:

Market Page – Lists all the available products available to purchase when the Market opens.

Weblog – Shows previous email messages sent to members, includes recipes and information about new growers and producers

Q’s and A’s – Typical questions people ask about the Market

Our Growers – This system is designed to be used by many different producers who come together at one place to deliver their products. Currently, Meadow Branch Beef is the only producer listed. However, others may be added in the future. Click the tab to learn more about us and out other growers.

Your Account – Information you provide to the Market, including order history, change password, etc.

For more information visit us at www.meadowbranchbeef.com.